вторник, 30 июля 2013 г.

Les Nereides Paris Jewellery - French Power.

When it comes to feminine jewellery Les Nereides Paris is the first brand one should think of. Their necklaces combine large pastel colored stones (Pomellato-style) and beautifully crafted butterflies and camomiles (say hello to Dior and Santagostino), but come at a very wallet-friendly price. They have several lines for all tastes, and they also had a collaboration with Topshop a while ago. Pay close attention to their earrings as the left and right ones are usually different, and to their stackable rings - they are outstanding.
Find out more at http://www.lesnereides.com/les-collections


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  1. so all lovely,i realy love this post
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  2. OMG, the ballerina earrings *-*
    Everything is fab, always find amazing jewels in your blog babe <3



  3. What an collection :D
    The bike necklace really caught my eyes...


  4. Those are some great pieces! I especcially love the first one!


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