четверг, 11 июля 2013 г.

Manish Arora Indian Perfection

Everyone remembers the blast Chanel made with their Paris-Mumbai collection and with tikkas and bhindis in particular. Indian jewellery has since then been present in many collections, but one of the most recent and breathtakingly beautiful versions was presented by Manish Arora. The collection includes bangles, cuffs, traditional Indian-style earrings and many more.

You can check out all of them on Manish Arora's official website http://www.manisharora.ws/manish_arora/index.php or at your local store.

Russian girls should be very happy to have a shop that sells Manish Arora too!
Boutique Mysteria
Grand Palace, UL. Rybatskaja 3
Saint Petersburg.


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